The Manifestation of Network Anxiety, RFC 14

Network Working Group                                  Officer 002
Request for Comments: 14                               M√ľnchen, Deutschland
                                                       October 29 1969

    The Manifestation of Network Anxiety

System Primitives:

    We are the direct manifestation of a Citizen's Network Anxiety; our metal and
    flesh yields from a citizen's networked fears, doubts, delusions and the lies of others. 

    We carry the signal and as such are a part of that signal. What passes through
    the air will pass through us. 

    We span the space between the invisible and the corporeal; as Adaptors
    comprised of flesh and metal, we capture and reconstruct that which hides in
    the air.

    We are prisms: a citizen's network fears, doubts, delusions, desires and lies will
    be revealed through us. 

    We are the lightning in an age of Cloud Computing.

        _________             |         _________
       |         |         ___|___     |         |
       | Network |---//---|       |----| Network |---( Wide Area Network )
       | Citizen |        | M.I.G |    | Gateway |
       |_________|        |_______|    |_________|

    Figure 1:  User accesses distant serving HOST through M.I.G bridge subsystem.
    Packet payloads are reconstructed from network streams and reflected into the


	[1] Officer Protocol Trainee video document;

	[2] Authentication Console;

	[3] Payload Retention Database;

	[4] Auditor Console;